What are the important features of this site?

  • Community Owned - This site is owned by a non-profit community organization and is not proprietary. Everybody will have free read access to all the information -- including current discussions -- with no registration required. (You do have to register to post, but not to read.) Whether you're an owner, builder, or just curious about airplanes or airplane building, the info here is for you to read and enjoy.
  • BSMF - A unique communications service we call bi-directional synchronized mailing list and forum, which provides the advantages of both a traditional general mailing list AND a forum interface. You can use either interface, whenever you choose. Learn more at BSMF.  We think you'll agree that it's pretty nifty, efficient and useful.
  • Gallery - A gallery of photos that are annotated, so you know what you're looking at.
  • FAQ's - An extensive collection of answers to many common questions about the MAOA, the web site features, and much more will be found in the FAQ's. They'll quickly help you find out what this is all about, so be sure to check them out!
  • Org Info - Detailed organizational information about formation and operation of the Murphy Aircraft Owners Association (MAOA) will be posted so you can keep track of what's going on, including Bylaws, minutes, etc. To see how MAOA is progressing, go here.
  • Newsletter - You can subscribe to a low-traffic, informative newsletter to keep up-to-date with new features and happenings. Of course, you can unsubscribe anytime.
  • Support - We have a commercial grade support ticket tracking system. If you have any problems, you can use it to let us know. We'll try to help as soon as we can.

That's just some of what you'll find here. Pop in often, to see more new features and member services.

How do I register for a forum account?

Go to the account application, fill out the form, click on Submit, and your application will be delivered at the speed of light to the moderator's Inbox.

Soon, the moderator will open the Inbox and then spend at least 10 seconds looking it over, and you'll be notified by email when it's approved, along with login credentials. If that doesn't happen within the time your patience (or eagerness) allows then go to the MAOA Support System, open a new ticket and ask something like "What's the status of my registration application?" Please be patient. The support people are volunteers, dedicated to helping you promptly, if possible. (They are also trying to build, fly and/or maintain airplanes.)

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